What is awfulizing and what it has to do with Millennials

What is awfulizing and what it has to do with Millennials

Millennials run to the end by any ruthless means and are caught up by anxiety. Millennials are ‘wired-only-to-win’ generation who consider losing a “weak” trait if things aren’t as great as they imagined it to be. Millennials are vulnerable to the dark side of obsession as everyone is obsessed with a winning self-image. Millennials are airbrushing and whitewashing the real and it replacing with the fake with ‘it’ moments.

The universal feeling of having too much to do but not enough time is a daily reality but there’s a way to buy time with big little ideas. Millennials are ‘winning monsters’ and you can’t let the ball drop.

Millennials constantly need validation of peers and acquaintances by posting on Instagram. A fun game becomes serious and turns into bad blood on social media. Millennials choose to remain in the bubble because of entitlement. The entire make-believe social media is like being in a “winning” loop except that you aren’t really winning but only losing your mind. Millennials are acutely getting aware of the excessive stress and venting frustrations with the unexpected negative consequences.

The whole anxiety over winning streak induces the fear that is the set up to fail. The envy, power struggle and the love lost feeling is a big blow to fortune and fortitude.The ruthless need to win is the catalyst of the FOMO aka Fear of Missing Out of the fake sense of reality and false sense of feat.Everyone’s timelines are filled with half-truths.

The fun games and quizzes on social media are designed in a way no one really loses or gets an answer that does not boost the egos. Millennials are egotistical maniac and narcissistic constantly gloating. Social media has algorithms and filters made you to feel on top of the world taking one farther away from reality.

The extreme anxiety issues and the irrational pursuit for being in the game is the ground for obsession. The urge to be out there every time and at everything implies that if anything is left out you lose.

Awfulizing is obsessing about annoyances as an act of escalating a situation into the most negative possible conclusion. Do not catastrophise every situation by believing that a situation is worse than it actually is. Do not think of the worst when things aren’t going your way. Don’t personalise annoying situations by letting it into your energy system. Learn to step back and witness what is happening within and without. Do not leave feelings to fate or destiny. Rewire your brains.

You cannot avoid annoying situations but can rewire your brain to respond or not. You need to know how not to get annoyed as the quickest fix. You can re-program your mind. The ideal way of time management is taking ownership of your time. Manage use of technology. Push back on your time.Do not let the feeling take over and pause. Ask yourself questions to help you get out of the negative downward spiral. A simple mindset of accepting things you cannot change helps.

Stretch your time for experiences to alter your perception of time and life satisfaction. Make a planner according to day, week and month. The idea is not to have 20 things on your to-do list. Make sure you are doing only the work that you can do. Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Sleep set the tone for the entire day. Diet and healthy eating keeps you in great shape mentally and physically. Sleep well for overall wellness.

Time management is more about saving time rather than managing time by checking off a long to-do list. The big shift is to use technology to help getting the daily tasks done faster from smart phones, apps and outsourcing. Identify activities rather than setting time for tasks and block time slots to get the work done being when you’re most productive and schedule the most creative or critical work during the time.

Folks get universally annoyed byroad rage, cancelled flights, dead batteries,weather ruining your plans, work frustrations, personal disappointments and people’s opinions, advices and judgments. Time-saving purchases help you save time for yourself from your to-do list and are easily delegated tasks or chores that you can outsource to trained professionals or services aka house cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping, driving, et al.

Do not let your own fitness schedule vying for your time and for someone who is busy the to-do list keeps getting refreshed by the app based services available for grocery, cleaning, driving and even scheduling dates. ‘Time saving purchases’ is whatever you can use to buy free time for yourself such as paying for household chores, hiring someone for running errands and getting mails, shopping for groceries.

Journaling calms you down by quoting and unquoting thoughts out of your head. Do not think extensively about the person who is trying really hard getting under your skin to stop spiraling.

Time dearth is the feeling of having too much to do but not enough time to do it in. It is about shifting bases and buying time.You cannot be a mind-reader. Stop stressing. Don’t get into arguments. Use headphones to avoid the annoyances.

The inability to decide about what to do with time translate into your daily activities like checking emails that not important or updates in apps, deciding what to eat, deciding what to wear, deciding about hitting the gym and working out or not, spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Linkdin, YouTube, et al, after work meetings, running errands, hanging out, watching Netflix, surfing non-work related websites and constantly checking your smartphone account for daily interruptions.

The golden rule is what annoys you controls you. Do not give anyone so much power to dictate your life that you forget to live life on your own terms. The daily annoyances are new social allergens that are basically social acts that turn people off. The things that the other person may or may not do intentionally but you often take it personally. Stay away from small talk. Ask yourself if you can control what’s bothering you and if the answer is negative then change your stance. You can’t control or change the weather or people or situations but you can certainly your reaction.

You must know what you can control and what you can’tor what bugs or triggers you. You must know about why certain unimportant things and people drive you crazy or wear on your last nerve. You must take cues from when you are over-obsessed with the outcomes and consequences.

Ask questions about how would you like to use your time. This gives you more ownership over your time. Say no to some things to plan and prioritise. Time stress can be used to maneuver time blocking. You need to know your pace and plan your thoughts and activities to get your mind into healthy state.

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