Top sunglass styles doing the rounds for the peepers

Top sunglass styles doing the rounds for the peepers

Sunglasses are the only accessory that can pick up a drab outfit be it a classic aviator for a no-nonsense look, a wayfarer for a casual look for a Sunday brunch and the cat eye for edm party.

Sunglasses are getting revival and the ’90s styles are back and the micro glasses are trending on Instagram. Dark lens colors, tinted sunglasses and oversized sunglasses are trending. The basic black or Havanas having the moment.

The ultimate one word of advice for sunglass shopping is not to go overboard for following trends. Keep in mind the face shape. You can ditch functionality over fashion but with caution. Frames are not just a utility but an expression of your individuality. Sunglasses do a lot more than just make you look cool. Ideally do shop for brands with UVA and UVB certified lenses.

The type of lenses is the new shift and what the real innovation is at especially with performance sports set in fashion sunglasses. Anti-scratch, hydrophobic coats, oleo phobic coats and poly carbonate materials are getting into everyday fashion eye wear for fewer scratches, better vision and lesser eye fatigue. Customised looks are in but keep it cool and understated.

Keep one classic style handy to accessorise a look that is cut out for your face. Keep a pair for some very specific looks. Top eye wear brands have collections with variations in classics. A color rim bridge on a pair of classic aviators or contrast temples on a pair of bright color wayfarers are absolute takers.

Reinvented cat-eye frames, visors,ultra slim sunnies, flat top frames, mirrored glasses, ombre lenses,updated aviators, neons, yellow glasses, patterned frames, tiny shades, geometric shapes, bling, soft tints,shield frames, et al are in vogue and can take any drab look up a notch and make it a la mode.

Make sure you match the pair to your face shape. You can opt for cat-eye or micro glasses for a slim face structure. Aviators and big sunglasses compliment a round face. Keep in mind your features and personal style as the bound rules for one.

Don’t compromise on quality and price tag when it comes to eye wear and care. Pick up a casual yet chic pair on a holiday that does not require much TLC. Invest in a classic pair for everyday use, work or formal wear.

Shopping tips 101 for sunnies

Look out for a label UV 400 for 100 per cent UV protection both UVA and UVB. Polarised glasses reduce glare off reflective surfaces and the larger the frames the better.

Find for the right snug fit.Keep the center of the lens in line with the center of your eye. Do not choose wide frames to let UV rays in on the sides.

Darker lens give more protection is a myth. Get powered sunglasses or photo chromatic lenses in case you have myopia.

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