Top Dating terms to know for Millennials in 2019

Top Dating terms to know for Millennials in 2019

The Millennial dating terms is only getting chock-a-block that validates the big egos of the modern folks. Dating trends are real-life manifestations of how the dating world is changing every day. Dating apps are trending with the dating buzzwords. 

Throning is dating someone just to boost your personal profile or reputation. You don’t really love the person. It’s a power high because you two look cool together and get clout just by staying with each other. You don’t necessarily have an emotional connection or connect on a deeper level. This comes with a warning as the flame won’t last too long. Take a step back while it lasts.

You-turning is for someone who looked like was super intensely falling in love with you and took a U turn abruptly causing you to backtrack completely. You-turners don’t communicate while changing the mind and leave you confused and somewhat hanging though you were not falling hard. It’s ideal to break off in the initial dating period than after a few years. 

Pocketing is when a person you are dating never introduces you to anyone associated with to them even if you’ve gone on multiple dates for some time but almost never in public. You could be dating a loner, serial killer or someone who has served jail time. 

Kondo-ing is the bizarre practice of ditching a significant other as soon as they stop ‘sparking joy’. The word that sparked off the back of Marie Kondo’s cleaning trend could be the harshest one yet. People are de-cluttering relationships by throwing off partners who don’t add to everyday happiness. 

Vulturing is when the present relationship of your love interest is ending with a keen eye that the object of affection is about to split up. It is to ‘prey’ on while when someone is at the vulnerable best. You might score but a rebound never gets the happy ending. 

Instagrandstanding is curating the perfect Instagram posts and tailoring them to appear more favorable to your love interest.If you Instagrandstand, it means you post on your social media feed specifically for one person selling your plus points. If it doesn’t add value then don’t use it. Put only interesting posts. Don’t go overboard or fake it.

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