The ‘it’ bags of the Millennium

The 'it' bags of the Millennium

The ’90s was the decade the handbag came into its own and since handbags are the holy grail for the luxury industry.

The ‘It bag’ is a totemic accessory as described by Vogue. The ‘It bag’ is a must have luxury item and means you are the proud owner of all that is desirable in the world.

‘It’ bags have always been the mainstay of luxury fashion houses and the latest from Chanel is on its way to becoming one for spring-summer 2019. What’s better than one Chanel bag? Two Chanel bags the design brief by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld who made his Spring-Summer 2019 models trot down the beach with the Chanel ‘double’ bag or side packs still unnamed. Models accessorised the beach ensembles with two handbags across the body holster style or held together. It’s been recognised as the marketing genius by the House of Chanel especially as you get two for the price of one.

The double-bag styling trick was used earlier by models at Gucci and Coach but Chanel launched the two bags together as side packs. It’s already finding a space in the closet of celebrities like Cardi B.

Fendi’s Baguette is a small pochette that fits neatly under the arm like a loaf of French bread that started the trend. The coveted bags are defined by exclusivity not functionality. ‘It’ bags’ are not about pockets, organiser, handles and practicality as you’re not likely or more so definitely are not to find it in statement bags. ‘It bag’ is an It bag only if you’re unlikely to possess it and that makes it so exclusive. The only reason why 2019 is literally all about‘It bags’. New designer bags are launched each season but few reach that iconic cult status. Chanel’s double bag, there’s Dior saddle bag, Gucci Zumi and Louis Vuitton’s Trapeze are the ‘It bags’ for the Millennials.

It bag purchase needs some waiting to get on the list that goes for these bags. Hermes Birkin is an all-time favorite and has a wait list of over three years.

The owner of the ‘It bags’must carry the bag with nonchalance. The idea is to not make it seem the bag means so much as the ‘It bag’ might overpower your personality. That’s the only fashion conundrum about ‘It bags’- You want it, you got it and you flaunt it but you can’t make it seem like ‘IT’.

How to ‘Bag it’ the ‘It bag’:

The Gucci Zumi comes in range of colors and chic designs

The Chanel double bag is a casual ‘It bag’

The Louis Vuitton Trapeze is simply no nonsense

The Dior saddle bag is popular with the Insta Fashion influencers

‘It bags’ in the bag ‘Hall of Fame’:

Hermès Kelly (1935): Named after actress-turned-Monaco princess Grace Kelly

Gucci Jackie (1950s): Around 1961 the hobo shoulder bag was renamed Jackie after Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Hermès Birkin (1984): Named after English actress Jane Birkin

Lady Dior (1995): Also known as Princess Bag it was gifted to Princess Diana by France’s then First Lady, Bernadette Chirac

Fendi Baguette (1997):The petite shoulder bag nestles under the arm as easily as a long, crusty French loaf

Chloé Paddington (2004): The three-pound bag takes its name from one of the busiest areas of London.

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