Swimsuit and swim skin basics for women

Swimsuit and swim skin basics for women

Millennials love to get beach bod ready for the swimsuit season.Bikini body is made popular by social media influencers pitching workouts, diets, supplements, cosmetic treatments, et al. Millennials are the selfie generation and credits to Instagram as body positivity is all about real women with real bodies and curves and nothing size-specific. Beach holidays and pool pictures are quite the rage. The change is being showcased in brands with customisations on offer for the larger part of the demographic and so‘swimsuit for everyone and every shape’.

Bikini tops are multipurpose among women. Maillots are one-piece swimsuits more specifically as bodysuits. Swimwear portals and international designers are doing beach wear and swimwear with flattering cuts for women of all sizes.

Every body type is a swimsuit body type.Boutique and luxury resort wear brands launch fresh collection every season suited to every type of curve with a marked rise in sale of every type of bikini. Shopping for the perfect swimsuit has become a lot simpler. Retro swimsuits and high-waisted swimsuits with full-hip coverage accentuate the slender waistline and hide the flaws.

Swimwear shopping witnessed done big shift and got traction with plus-size brands in lingerie and swimwear. Millennial women travel more than ever and to own a swimwear for summer and beach vacays is a must have. Bikinis are available with high-waist fit extended band under bust for extra support and adjustable straps.

Bikini wardrobe must haves:

Neon, stripes, ruffles, fringes, cutouts, color blocking, animal prints, florals, tie-and-dye, tasseled paneyos, capes, crochet, high-waist bottoms, mesh inserts, knotted suits, beaded and embellished accents, board shorts, swim briefs, et al.

Swim skin routine:


Make sure your skin is well hydrated. Use a good moisturiser before you get into the pool. Use a water resistant sunblock.


Shower thoroughly with a mild soap and lukewarm or cold water. Moisturise your skin with a hydrating skin cream.

Stock up on water resistant sunscreen, mild pH balanced skin cleanser, hydrating skin cream and body butters. Use a sulphate free shampoo and a color protectant serum if you have colored hair and a good conditioner. Oil your hair frequently as it tends to dry out. Minimise the use of hair-styling products like hair wax and devices like hair dryers and straighteners.

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