Mindful Beauty 101 to get glowing inside out

Mindful Beauty 101 to get glowing inside out

Mindful beauty is trending and is all about meditative manicures, energy facials and beauty treatments that can prevent burnout or ultimate skin breakdown.

The quest for inside-out beauty clicks with Millennials. Millennials are after Beauty with benefits.Real beauty is skin deep. The beauty world is finally getting on with karma-cleansing haircuts, energy-clearing facials and chakra healing pedicures.

The new age beauty regimen is to get glowing inside out by being mindful through your regular salon procedures using chakra-healing, crystals and aromatherapy-based products with nurturing potions.

Mindful beauty is slow beauty. It is self-care of the ultimate kind to beautify the self and finding emotional bliss. Millennials want to heal at a deeper level to glow from within.

Mindful beauty is using spiritual elements in beauty routines. Mindful beauty rituals are focused on being gentle on the self and state of being.

Beauty and wellness are no longer separate with current stressful lifestyles. It is being mindful about everything from what your mind and skin feel to using clean beauty products with therapeutic properties with superficial salon treatments.

The #mindfulbeauty hashtag is trending on Instagram with Instagrammers sharing mindful beauty rituals with breathing techniques and meditation.

Folks are seeking after peace of mind with regular salon session and beauty procedures given the pressures of modern day living.

Meditation is most trending lifestyle choice of the $4.2 trillion wellness market. Meditation is the current buzzword trending on every social media.

Salon practitioners use crystals to change the vibrations of facial muscles. Salons are creating beauty regimens that have an emotional takeaway to de-stress and relax.Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and remove the negative ions from your face. Beauty maven Kim Kardashian swears by crystal healing.

Mindful make up and vibrational beauty is the trend du jour and include crystals and metaphysical techniques with all inclusive natural ingredients.

Crown-chakra haircuts are done specifically around new moon for healing and changing your life for good luck. Energy haircuts has it that a lot of stagnant energy in the crown area and can change the psyche and headspace by Reiki and precise scissors skills. Full moon haircuts and facials re balance the chakras in more ways than one.

Hollywood celebrities use techniques such as Reiki, acupressure, acupuncture and meditational breathing for the solar plexus to drain the dead skin cells out and wrinkles. A 20-minute facial massage clears the skin internally of negative stored energy and facilitates enzyme release.

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