Millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities

millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities

Millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities


Mea Culpa:

This is an account of how millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities. Celebrities have become more than accessible than ever before with the presence of paparazzi and they being on social media than ever before giving their moment to moment updates and their beauty and lifestyle secrets are no more secret and so that culture in a way is in the air in which millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities. 

Celebrities have certainly lost the perks of being one. People were simple and unassuming but millennials are no less than celebs today. There is a lot of hatred instead of admiration. There is envy and desire to enjoy the same kind of attention and be in the place where celebs are. Celebrities used to be once class apart and one could have hardly hoped to become one but I aspire to be one because celebs today are one of us who just got lucky because of nepotism or lobbying or trading of either money or body. Celebs enjoy their status and also topple down in no time. It comes for a little time and when it comes it takes time to adapt to it and suddenly it all starts feeling traumatising and when you start to enjoy its taste sans any guilt its time you step down.

Climbing upwards and falling downwards are equally painful as both come uninformed. People and actresses who I had once idolised and aspire to become seem like a nobody to me now because I have become much better than them and they could ever be when the reality lies that they were the ones who inspired me to become like them and that makes them my mentor and being a protégé I have outgrown them and now I do not want to even give them the credit of being my inspiration for I know they can be no better than me in today’s date. I do feel superior and entitled. I believe that I deserve the fashion that I have bought that had make me look like a celebrity and I have desired for it and achieved it and there has been no stroke of luck that has helped me get it for I have been a part of the deal where my money was involved and the pain with which I had gone through to get it which can be emotional or financial unlike celebrities who are privileged with the designer outfits and the brigade of experts at their back and nobody can deny the role of technology that has gone into the making of making them look good and doing impossible and impractical things on screen.

I know with money and the right kind of usage of it anything is possible and there is no fashion that I cannot buy if I buy it with the good conscience and with the right attitude. Once mysterious celebs have lost the ability of retaining the element of mystique and you cannot expect it from the person because he/ she are nothing but the man next door or the girl next door. I am proud of myself for the demi goddess image I had created of myself once following these very celebrities while I was at my peak of idolising them but they have failed me for they are now out in the open where commoners are on the social media and they are hell bent over to portray that they are a man of flesh and blood and are liable to imperfections and idiosyncrasies totally avoiding the fact that their image is being played out and dismissed for being overtly accessible to what are called “fans”.

They are being watched and judged sans any respite because they have allowed people in. My zero presence on social media has definitely made me immune to the negative people of the past and the unnecessary attention of unnecessary people.

Thus it is summarized how millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities. Share your thoughts in the comments section about how millennials enjoy celebrity status just like celebrities and let’s head for a discussion.

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