How to use auto suggestion and auto correct for your own

How to use auto suggestion and auto correct for your own

Auto suggestion is taking it easy and telling you to relax, focus and breathe. Auto-suggestion is the easiest way to re-program our subconscious mind. One can use auto-suggestion at some point in one’s lives. Do not use auto-suggestion to focus on negatives as negative self talk might actually make you feel the way.

Give yourself powerful and positive affirmations repetitively in the mind till it works itself out with the subconscious mind. The power of auto-suggestion works well for health and healing.

Think about your life goals, wishes and purposes. Finish with positive affirmations about outcomes in good faith and intention. Repeat this process at least once a day for about 10 minutes.

Choose your words wisely making positive statements as energy flows to attention. Do not feel negatively about yourself as that is how you might appear and the body shows it.

Human brain is not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks even if it might seem accomplishing many things at once. Multitasking affects productivity by as much as 40 per cent. You might feel mega stressed while replying to text messages, watching TV, speaking on the phone and working on the laptop simultaneously.

It is linked to the increased production of stress hormones namely cortisol and adrenaline. It sends the body into panic mode as doing different things at once impairs cognitive ability leading to mental breakdown and blockage.

Take things one step at a time as switching makes it more difficult to tune out distractions. It can cause mental blocks that slow you down. It lowers your IQ in cognitive tasks much similar to what one can expect smoking marijuana or staying up all night.

Some auto suggestion techniques are listed below:

Delete negative thoughts. Start paying attention to your self-talk. Delete negative self-talk such as internal dialogue related tofear, body shaming, guilt or self-doubt and replace it.

Take a step-by-step approach as you can sit comfortably in a quiet space be it your office, home or in nature.You can use a boring or repetitive task for programming your brain with auto-suggestion while in the shower or driving or in the traffic.

 Pick something to focus on. Relax the entire body and take several long deep breaths. Tune into your inner voice and try to connect to the feeling to visualise the realisation. Create a clear and detailed mental picture using senses and intuition.

Try to use emotions as it makes auto-suggestion work. The more meaningful autosuggestion is to you the more effective it is as it must trigger feel good feelings.

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