Frenzied Fandom Popculture of the Millennials

Frenzied Fandom Popculture of the Millennials

Fans exercise as much power as the celebs in the spotlight they follow in the Digital Age.

Social media platform Snapchat lost an amount of eight hundred million dollars ($800 million)in the year 2018 because of fandom as millions of Rihanna’s fans came together to delete the social media platform from their phones. Snapchat let a third party upload a game on their platform that asked users to choose between “Slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown” who happened to be her ex who had earlier beaten her up. The swift action by fans and direct effect meant loss of users for Snapchat.

The Beatles defined fandom across the globe in the ’60s. Pop culture and Fandom only means the power celebrities have over millions of fans. Super fandom became a serious term and phenomenon at the time.

The commercial shift is targeting fans instead of viewers or audiences. Being a fan in the digital age is not restricted to being just a hobby anymore. It’s serious business.

Pop culture has it that it’s time for the fans to be in the spotlight. Fans host interactive chat sessions and sporting events right after premieres and millions of viewers show up for the live stream. Super fans kept tabs on every YouTube video on the Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin’s books from which the show was adapted as frenzy reached its peak during the final season. Social media platforms and fan pages kept buzzing by the time the TV show premiered.

Marketing strategies are increasingly crafted to drive fan engagement. The threads have moved from how to manage fans to how to relate to fans. Fans at Comic Con are not just the regular audience but someone who is deeply invested in a character or the show. A super fan is someone who is driven and would go out and speak for you in the best possible way for the product.

Star Wars super fans believe the culture of fandom is above all fault lines that otherwise keep folks apart as any self-contained bubbles are always buzzing with discussions on every minute detailing of story arc of subject ad infinitum. The internet explosion has voiced fandom societies relatively. Millions of fans attend comic cons every year as merchandise sells in billions all over the world. The Star Wars Expanded Universe got a new life with the fandom and pop culture.

Being a super fan is a serious career option as cosplayers, collectors and artistes, enthusiasts come together to celebrate the icons internationally. Things have changed considerably for pop culture enthusiasts as prop fabricators, costume designers, YouTubers’ reaction videos as full-time jobs. There’s a huge demand in the market for an ever-increasing fan base. Producers and investors are putting serious money into it to reach this loyal customer base.

The prequel to Fame of Thrones is already announced and is on the way to hit the screens as soon as by 2020 because of the epic fandom for the Game of Thrones fans all over the world in the past decade. The super fandom of Breaking Bad was a huge hit too. The similar stories resonate from fans of Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Gaming Universe or and sports fanatics.

The Avengers: Endgame frenzy was massive not just in global revenues but also on all social media platforms by the legions of fans of the Marvel and DC Universe.

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