Fashion and privacy in the digital world

fashion and privacy in digital world

Fashion and privacy in the digital world

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Here is an account of fashion and privacy in the digital world and how it has engulfed our lives in a bewitching manner. Fashion and privacy in the digital world are now inseparable.
The issues of fashion will be articulated overtime time but it remains to be seen as to what kind of implications the judgement of your fashion decisions will set off. Fashion is something that has those who will feel passionately about it while for many others the whole matter does not seem to be a pressing one. It is either seen as not really an inevitable problem or is accepted as an inevitable consequence of the living digital world. Fashion as a subject that is not a compelling one at a human level and is not uncommon for one’s eyes to glaze over when the subject is discussed. Much has been said and written about Fashion as a source of power but never as a potential instrument for exploitation. Fashion comes with I want this and that repeatedly and is a never ending cycle.
At a more basic human level fashion changes the way we imagine our life and reshapes our sense of self. Fashion gives unlimited ways of expressing yourself. In most cases fashion begins by disappearing vanishing entirely into the moment transforming loosely into your psyche. You are being bounced back and forth by your aversions and desires and you’re way overdue for trying a fresh alternative. Fashion leads to exertion by way of a permanent mark. I strained myself to my deepest desires and impulses and then strived to cater to them and that is a good working definition of luxury. I self-admittedly felt comfort in the eventuality of falling in the trappings of fashion with a swooning surrender into the depths of my own and as the story goes there is a price to pay for this luxury. In this quest to map fashion it stripped me relentlessly of every shred of myself.
Fashion gives you thoughts that are entirely your own and musings as a matter of your interior functioning. Getting to know fashion and your own personal fashion by all means is a journey one that will often take a lifetime. 
In this digital world there is no way of any of your fashion could be captured unless you set out to do so. You produce conscious documents that register something about yourself in the world. Fashion is your own little tryst with yourself where you furtively leave signs of your existence in some concrete form. Fashion in the digital world in a dramatic way is your sense of retained interiority. Digital world has allowed you to tap into fashion giving a way out to a lot more of your desires and lets you ask more questions with more options and converse more openly and frequently to those who are experts in fashion and lets you shop according flitting from one style to another. 
We are leaving drippy fashion footprints in the digital space that can never be erased and that can easily be found by anyone who wishes to locate these. These constant leakages of our selves along with newer and more invasive surveillance technologies that are finding their way into every aspect of our lives mean that a comprehensive account of our lives is available for documentation and the rising concern for all of it is that we are doing so voluntarily despite of knowing the fact that on the internet nothing gets erased and it only allow others to track us and gather information about us and it is not something that we as users necessarily desire but we tend to overlook it. That is the kind of nature of digital technology. This is also exactly what allows our actions to be used by others with a vested interest often in the name of furthering ours. Also at times they profit out of your data quite blatantly. 
Digital world is decoding workings of every individual mind from already available imprints of digital footprints and evidence and we can very conveniently say that nothing is permanently improbable or unknowable in digital world.
Thus it is summarized how fashion and privacy in the digital world changes the entire idea of your individuality. Share your thoughts on fashion and privacy in the digital world in the comment section. 

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  1. I haven’t thought much about privacy as far as fashion in the digital world but this is a very good summary of it 🙂 When you start talking about privacy and the digital world, it gets a bit scary. Like you said, there are those things that don’t get erased. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very innvotive and Very well written.. FASHION AND DIGITAL WORLD ARE NOW INSEPERABLE!! LOVE THIS<3

  3. I agree these days it is so easy in digital age that all we have to do is register self!! Although there are hacks, and things are still at risk but I think digital world also gives us some advantage!!

  4. I love this post. i don’t think i have ever read a post that looks at fashion they way you do. We hear fashion and we think runways and models and expensive brands but never have i looked at is a possible medium for exploitation. I thank you for sharing this post with us.

  5. Great post! That tomato tattoo looks super interesting. I wonder the story behind it.

  6. This post is so interesting, I totally agree with your point. They totally are inseparable. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I think it’s inspiring when people can create their own little space (blog) on the web, with their own style, opinions, and ideas. It’s also good to be intentional with what you share. Great thoughts.

  8. This was so interesting!! I never considered this exploitation but you make a good case for that. Love hearing different POVs.

  9. I agree that it is inseparable these days and maybe always has been since digital scene hit the society? It’s definitely important to maintain identity and sense of self in this challenging world of social sharing.

  10. OOh, that’s a great way to look at it. Very interesting post!

  11. I love that now we are able to create a digital outlet to share or thoughts on things that we love and are passionate about.

  12. This article is so interrdting and very innovative. I am totally agree with your point.

  13. What an interesting combination fashion and privacy. This is something I (an I’m sure many others) have never thought of. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  14. I love fashion & digital. They’re both so much fun. Both certainly go hand in hand.

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